Wooden Bedroom Design For All Theme of Bedroom

Bedroom is a special room in a home that must be designed to be very comfortable to stay and among so many material and design ideas,wooden bedroom design is the most popular and favorite among the material and design. Even if the theme and design of the bedroom is modern, wood will match the theme. It has been used for any kind of theme designs from traditional to modern theme of the bedroom design.

Wood can be chosen as many parts of bedroom material such as for furniture, wardrobe, and also for the wall and floor material. It will depend on the style of the home owner and apply what they want from the wood material. For your reference, here is some wooden bedroom designto be applied for any kind of bedroom theme.

Exotic wood design for bedroom

For you who want to add exotic touch to the bedroom that you have planned, then this may meet your expectation about your dream bedroom. Use wood as main material for the bedroom, for the floor and the wall as well. And to make it exotic, let the color of the wood and do not paint it, just stain it darker to strengthen the exotic touch to bedroom. While the color of the bedroom wall and floor is the natural color of the wood, you may make it contrast by applying the neutral color or the light and bright color for the bed and the dark color for the bookshelf.

Chic wooden bedroom

If you like chic touch in your bedroom, then this may satisfy you by mixing chic touch to the existing bedroom theme and design. The wood is applied for the bed and floor with different color that will match each other, besides that, wood also is applied for the wardrobe material. As for the chic touch, you may apply fur blanket and fur rug will complete it and make it more comfortable. Use lighter color for the bed wooden color and use the darker color for the flooring.

Modern wooden bedroom

As it has been mentioned before that wood material is not only suitable for traditional and contemporary theme of a room but also for modern bedroom theme and design. Use wood for the wardrobe with dark color of the wood and light color of wood for the other furniture, you may also combine it with white color of the wall.

There are so many designs that you may apply and sue as reference for wooden bedroom design.

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