Use Objects in the Home as Wall Décor for Bedroom

            To make your bedroom looks cool the easiest to do is decorate the walls. Since everything you put on the walls will attract the eyes of visitor who come into your bedroom. The walls are like giant canvas where you can put anything over them, colors, arts, wallpaper, etc. Posh individuals may hang the arts made by artists on their walls. You can do the same like they do by using the objects that already in your home. If you are creative then ordinary objects can be something artful as wall décor for bedroom.

Old magazines, calendars, postcards

You can cut your favorite image from old magazines, calendars, postcards, books, and so on. Frame these cut-image and put them over the headboard of bed. Collect the frame in distinctive categories so the visitor would curious to see them. If you are feeling to be more creative, you can cut several pictures and put them altogether in the same frame or board. It kind like an abstract art. Add ribbon or a little piece of fabric to make it nicer.

Flowers, leaves, shells

Probably you are more interested with natural objects as wall décor for bedroom. Pressed flowers or leaves in the frame can be an art in bedroom. Shells and sands in box frames are perfect for beach theme bedroom. For something more creative, you can make silhouette of leaves in piece of paper. Put leave on white paper, spray colorful paint over the paper then you would get white leave-shape in the center of colorful paper. Frame them and put them on the walls like hanging arts.

Paper products

Paper towel and cupcake wrapper are not use for baking cake only, you can do something creative by them. Only by rolling, cutting and gluing you will get flower shape arts. Many blogger give step-by-step tutorial online. Color them with cheerful paint color and arrange them in specific formation on your bedroom’s walls.


Put fabric with pattern you love over a wooden board than you would get artful canvas. Hang fabrics with variety colors and pattern on the walls with different heights to make it look like color blocks on your walls. Hanging quilts over bed’s headboard can be the focal point of the room.

Mask If you often attended mask parties, do not trash the masks out. Hang them as wall décor for bedroom side-by-side with masks you bought on antique shop. 

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