Unique Bedroom Table Lamps You Can Try to DIY

If you like to have unique bedroom table lamps, then you should have some made by yourself. At least, you know how to decorate the look on the lamps, beautifying every inch of your bedroom ambience. Speaking of DIY or do it yourself, the material is always easy to find. But here, right now, you are about to acknowledge some of the best designs that can inspire you while you are doing them by yourself. Check them out below and don’t forget to take notes. You won’t be missing any of them, will you?

Single Sitting Table Lamps

There are so many lamps out there waiting for you to be picked. But the original one made by your hands is irreplaceable. One of the simplest yet amazing bedroom table lamp to have is the sitting one. Just like a sitting lamp for study at night, this one can be completed with a little light bulb, matching it with the color of your bedroom wall. The advantage of having this one lamp is that you can always set the sitting position. It will benefit you if you happen to read one of your favorite books before going to bed.

Bedroom Table Lamps in Shades

If you want to create a romantic and dim nuance in your bedroom, you can try having this one called lampshades. Normally, lamp shades will use nudes color such as peach or light green, making you able to sleep earlier. This one is also very easy to create. You will need some of the material such as flannel or paper for making the shades. But actually, this is a matter of taste. You can décor it with anything you like. As long as it is shadowy and the unique one, you can stick with it forever, can’t you?

Table Lamps in Oceanic Scene

Why don’t try to have one with oceanic scene inside the lamp? You can always apply some reefs, and also fish, and also some algae. This is best to put in blue. Have two in your room and match it with the one and only wall you have. The combination of color will light the room up, along with the crustacean friends in there. This one might be needing a little attention because you have to draw or print the picture of those ocean friends. Well, the result will be paying off everything you have done to this bedroom table lamps!

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