Tropical Bedroom Furniture Maintenance

As you know, most tropical bedroom furniture has the spirit of ultimate relaxation and endless summer. The romantic getaway and carefree resort can be brought into your bedroom with some appropriate tropical bedroom furniture. For your information, the tropical furniture is actually inspired by carribean and soulful groove. The furniture is the blend of cultural tastes that can be brought into your bedroom design. it can also be combines with some calm colors like sunshine yellows, ocean blues or even seashell pink.  Make sure that the furniture of your tropical bedroom along with the bedroom accessories look like a vacation.

Since most tropical furniture is made of wood, there are some maintenances you should take into consideration as well. However, taking care of wood furniture is not only about cleaning and dusting. For your information, wood tropical furniture will also react to environmental changes like light, temperature and moisture. Here are some useful tips to maintain your wood tropical furniture stay beautiful over time.

Humidity, temperature and sun exposure

Just keep in mind that tropical furniture especially those which are made of wood should be avoided from extreme temperature since it can damage the material of wood. Take into account to place the furniture far away from air conditioning or heat outlets. Moreover, radiation of ultraviolet can also cause severe damage to the tropical furniture. Hence, you should avoid the furniture from direct sunlight unless it is made especially for outdoors.

Due to this, it is also important to purchase tropical furniture from a reliable shop to make sure that the furniture is really made of wood which is already treated and finished.


Cleaning your furniture in clever way will make your old furniture stands out all the time. You have to know about the finishing types your furniture had before cleaning it. If you are purchasing the furniture in new condition, consider asking the store about the wood finish, so that you know what type of care and cleaning is needed.

Do’s and don’ts

·                     Always keep in mind to dust your tropical furniture with a soft cloth or dust brush frequently. You have to prevent dirt from stick and building up the furniture surface.

·                     Use place mats, coasters and other protective materials when it comes to put anything on the top of your tropical furniture. Just keep in mind that metal coaster can also sweat the tropical bedroom furniture as it will also react to wood finishes.

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