Simply DIY Bedroom Makeover

DIY bedroom makeover – As you know, you will spend your time to sleep or just take a rest in your bedroom. It takes almost 8-10 hours per day for staying in the bedroom. Some people complain to stay in the bored bedroom but they don’t have idea to redecorate it. If you have the same problem like this, you no need to worry. You can be more creative and make a diy projects for your bedroom. Due to this is the diy bedroom makeover, you can use the pre-loved things or secondhand materials to makeover your bedroom appearance. With this article, you will get the guide and idea to make diy things for your future bedroom. Let’s check this out!

DIY Nautical Bedroom

Bedroom is like a nest for the bird. After we work hard all day long, we will back to the bedroom to get sleep and refresh our minds. Have a simple bedroom is great for some people, but for others, it can be so boring. If you have a bedroom that is dominated by white color, it is the time to redecorate it with your diy ideas. In one or two wall sides, you can color it with navy wall paint color and make it with pattern. Besides, to present the nautical theme in your bedroom, you can use the old cloth that has white and navy color.

Then, you can sew that cloth to be a curtain and install it yo cover the window. Besides, you can put an aquarium lamp in your bedroom to give the different look and nuance.

DIY Bedroom Makeover for Teen

Sometimes, a teenager doesn’t want to use her/his old bedroom with childish ornament or decorations. If you have a daughter or son that is in this condition, you may suggest them to do diy bedroom makeover. You can help them to brainstorm and find the fresh idea to be applied in their bedroom. For example, you can ask your daughter or son to decorate their bedroom wall with their doy projects; such as painting or pictures collage. You also can help them to make a string lights to decorate their bedroom so it looks so fancy.

No need to use the bed cloth with cartoon picture anymore, give your teenage girl or boy a chance to choose the pattern that she or he loves the most. Actually, do the diy bedroom makeover is not difficult but you have to enrich yourself with a lot of ideas.

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