Shabby Chic Bedroom, How To Get It?

Applying shabby chic bedroom and make it as your bedroom design idea will make you feel in ease and stress free. After such long and tired day, you need to rest yourself and relax your mind and body. In order to get that relax and rest, shabby chic will help you to make your bedroom calm and give calm and relax sensation that is needed.

Shabby chic has vintage and country yet elegant look that is the special characteristic from it. The theme shabby chic will not be same in every room and bedroom because it depends on people who apply and design it. If you are considering applying shabby chic bedroom, you need to know the following things.

Colors theme

Every design ideas have its own colors theme and the special characteristic of the shabby chic design for bedroom and the other room in your home is white color. Almost all of the shabby chic color design is white color. The white color is applied as the wall color for the main color, and often applied to the other part of the room such as the furniture color etc.,

Besides white color, there is still more color left to be applied as shabby chic color theme. The colors are neutral and pastel color. Those colors will reflect calmness, the example of those colors are such as dusky rose, creams, crisp, and the other neutral and pastel colors that is soft and calm. You are able to use only one color or combine two or more color that match one and another.

Furniture and accessories

Applying white color or neutral and pastel color will not reflect shabby chic successfully except you apply the right furniture and accessories because the theme design which is applied white, neutral, and pastel color is not only the shabby chic but also the other design theme and ideas. So, in order to get the shabby chic, you also need apply right and appropriate furniture and accessories. Choose vintage yet elegant furniture and accessories to be added to the bedroom.

It will make the shabby chic stronger to the bedroom. Pillow, sheets, curtain with roses and the other flower ornament on it also will be able to add the shabby chic touch to the bedroom. The antique and vintage with floral theme for the furniture theme and ideas is the key to add touch and make shabby chic bedroom.

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