Queen Platform Bed with Drawers for Master Bedroom

Queen bed with storage drawers can be the interesting selection to fill and decorate the master bedroom in your house. Sometimes a big bed with drawers just eases up your need about storage. But in some cases, the big room feels so empty if the furniture is so compact. But in this article we are not going to talk about storage in the bed and something like that. Here we are going to talk about your personality based on what you choose to decorate your bedroom. Well, the main purpose of bedroom is a place to relax and get away from super tight work schedule. And then it is a must to decorate your room based on what you like in order to get the best space for yourself. Check this out.

Super classic basic white

Queen bed with storage drawers is great if you have enough space for it. And if you like something feminine yet luxury, classic style is the best selection for your bedroom pallet. Basic white never disappointed you wherever you put it in the bedroom. And the floral carving will be great for the foot part of the bed. It is not impossible to add drawer or storage beneath the bed. But just make sure that it will not erase the luxury impression.

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You can install wallpaper with leaves pattern. Do not forget to involve basic white on the wallpaper as well. For the bed linens and other additional items, you should adjust it. Contemporary style can be included as well.

Dynamic contemporary style

Contemporary style is the most attractive style in nowadays. Other than that, this is one of the most popular among the new houses right now. You can mix and match the modern character with any traditional style you like. For the example, you can find minimalist yet rustic bed made of teak wood. It has queen size with storage drawers in the bottom part. And it can be something majestic if you can mix and match the right color, texture, and also the other accessories in the bedroom.

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You can stay on the minimalist style by applying white bed linen with basic black for bolsters and pillows. A medium wall painting is highly recommended as long as it has the same tone with the room. In order to give “oxygen” in the room, it is better if you put decorative real plant on the headboard of queen bed with storage drawers.

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