Painting Bedroom Furniture, Easy Ways for Beginner

Nowadays, there are a lot of techniques in painting bedroom furniture, some people choose to follow the proper techniques and some is creative and brave enough to do it spontaneously without many preparations. But if we refer to the reality, people who follow techniques or not were actually done some or even many wrong things when they try to paint their bedroom furniture.

But in the end, having some preparations are actually better than not. At least we have appropriate tools to make art on our bedroom furniture. When we think and plan about re-paint our bedroom furniture, the first thing that needs to be considered is what kind of furniture we need to paint right away. We also need to classify the furniture whether it belong wood class or plastic. Of course, we need to have different techniques in treating our furniture and without knowledge about it; it can only bring mess to our furniture.

Treating our Wooden Furniture to get Better Result

Some basic tools that we need to have are: sandpaper, tack cloth, brushes, pencil, paintbrushes, and ruler. And some basic materials that we need to have are: spray paint, paint, painter’s tape, and primer. The very first step is using sandpaper to rough up the surface, and then applying primer and tape, this has function to make the color that we want blend perfectly in the furniture, the next is to re-arrange the furniture or re-make it, you can be creative to pick your old drawer then stick it together with other drawers with tape or simply put tape for you to paint it to become a beautiful pattern for your drawer/bedroom and cupboard. The next it paint your furniture with the color that you want and let it dry. This steps are actually a basic steps for some people that is a beginner in re-design or re-make their furniture. We can add or fewer the steps if you feel you need to!

Treating our Plastic Furniture to be a Perfect Looking Furniture

If we clicking our Social Media and search for some DIY groups, we can easily get some tips in painting our plastic bedroom furniture. Painting plastic furniture is not that hard as painting wooden furniture. Because all kind of spray for coloring is actually stick well on plastic, so you can just choose what your preference say about spray product and apply it at your bedroom furniture. You can also mix the color to make it looks not so mainstream.  Believe it or not, the strong willing and the realization of our thought are actually the keys to get a perfect result of our bedroom furniture. Believe me or not, painting bedroom furniture is actually as simple as painting at canvas, good luck!

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