Owl Bedroom Décor For Your Girl

Are you considering bring owl bedroom décor into your girl bedroom? If you do, you can try these several ideas for owl bedroom décor. Owl bedroom décor is tend to more popular as it the cartoon theme with owl character. In addition, the owl bird has cute look, with short big body and vividly eye.

Owl Bedroom Décor Ideas

Although own is common to colored into brown or white, you can create and imagine your most creative owl bedroom décor. In the first ideas, it takes the wall decals with brown tree, green leaves and colorful flower. The couple colorful owls are perched on the branch with the vivid eye. To make it look more colorful, the wall is decorated with dotted print in pink and green dot. To neutral the wall color, the bed is covered with white plain bed sheet and the pillow in pale pink fabric.

Second idea is girl room owl décor for baby nursery. In white baby nursery, place the canvas owl décor art beyond the drawer. Place owl theme rug under your baby cribs that will make your feet warm while you seat over your baby cribs or when your baby play in the ground. Next, the printed frame owl wall art can be other ideas to décor your nursery. There are several nursery items with owl décor theme such as towel and pillow that you can add to your nursery room.

Teenage owl bedroom décor

Next idea is for your teenager owl décor. For your teenage who transform into grown up girl, it should be having soft theme for owl décor. Just put the owl theme bed sheet in their bedroom can create a nice touch of owl décor. You are also able to create DIY owl cloth horse. Prepare the wooden stand clothes or hat. Put the owl in the top branch or as your additional stand. The owl wooden book divider also looks cute in their desk or floating shelves.

More sophisticated owl décor themes for your kid’s bedroom are come from printed pillow owl case. If you have opened drawer to store their items, you can add additional cover with owl pattern or paint. There are pillow that shaped into owl, you can add these pillow to your girl’s bed or in their loveseat or sofa.  There are more owl bedroom décor ideas that you can inspire and add to your girl bedroom.

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