Minnie Mouse Bedroom Décor

Who kids in this world that does not know Minnie Mouse? As the iconic character from Disney cartoon, many girls are favorite Minnie as their most loved character. Complete your girl bedroom with minnie mouse bedroom décor to show the nice, smart and wise of Minnie to your little girl.

Minnie mouse bedroom décor Ideas

From the simple Minnie mouse bedroom décor into sophisticated bedroom décor, here are some ideas that suit with your taste and style. The first inspiration is come from simple kid Minnie mouse bedroom décor. To create, the wall has painted with pale pink and there is dotted print pink curtain in window to contrast. For the focal point, right to the bedding headboard, there is big Minnie mouse head silhouette paint in the wall.  To match with the black head and pink ribbon from the silhouette, there is pink bed sheet that paired with black blanket.

The other ideas is décor your children sofa bed and playground in their bedroom. When they get sofa bed you can added with pillow that décor with Minnie mouse fabric. The headboard painted or decorated with Minnie sticker both in the sides and center top. To make attractive focal point, there is wall decal with Minnie Mouse picture in contrast red against the pink wall paint.

Minnie Mouse for Adult  

If you are adult women but still love this character as your favorite character, you can create Minnie mouse bedroom decor without make it too childish. For first inspiration, the Mrs and Mr Mickey and Minnie mouse pillow print is just a start to décor your bedroom with Minnie Mouse. Next is the bedcover with printed Minnie and Mickey in classic vintage print. You can décor your headboard wall with picture frame in Minnie and Mickey Mouse pencil art work. The art deco is a must to suit with your adult sense when you use this Disney character.

The other décor is printing your wall with Minnie mouse red bow. Just take a several mouse red bow in your bedding without make it overuse. If you think that vintage is not your style, you can use this adult Minnie mouse dark navy. The picture is still in black and white, but the duvet cover and pillow case is colored with dark navy that add your bedroom into more color theme compared with the vintage clack and white style. With this inspiration of Minnie mouse bedroom décor you can décor as your most statement style and personality.

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