Maximize Small Bedroom Design for Men

When you have small space and room for the bedroom, it means you have to play with the creativity. The key point when you want to look forsmall bedroom design for men is to be creative by your own. Having small space doesn’t mean the world has end because it means you may play with your imaginations in choosing what design and how to make it more function yet looks nice. Especially if the design for men and it is not an easy job to search that is suitable.

Usually, the most common and very suitable theme for men’s bedroom is masculine. So, apply that theme to the bedroom and you also may develop the other theme and ideas to make small bedroom design for men that will make them feel comfortable in their personal area.

Neutral color with multi function furniture

Well, neutral color seems to be very suitable for men’s bedroom because it will reflect the masculine atmosphere to the bedroom and will reflect perfectly the personal area of men. You may combine two neutral colors for the color of the room; this will minimize the feel of small room because applying one neutral color such as black in a small room will make it even smaller. You may combine it with gray to make it feel more masculine. Since it is a small room, you have to maximize the space by applying multifunction furniture such as bedding that has the other function as drawer to put the small thing and stuff under the bed etc.

as for the cabinet and bookshelf, it will be a great ideas because it will maximize the wall, and let it be open to reduce the small appearance of the room.

Elegance border

For the next design, it still uses neutral color as before. You need to apply mirror to make the bedroom look bigger and with multifunction furniture and more drawer to maximize the space will make your stuff be well organized. Lighting also make the rooms feel bigger. The combination of neutral color and furniture that is combined with proper lighting make the bedroom feels bigger and reflects elegance.  

Detail theme to be mixed

Detail will not make the bedroom smaller because with right and proper mix, you are able to make the small bedroom be a great bedroom with right detail that is applied.

Even the ideas above use neutral color, but you also may apply light color by mixing it with proper furniture and placement to get the most suitable small bedroom design for men.

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