Lights for Reading in Your Bedroom

Bedroom reading lights are the lights that you use for reading when the main light in the room is turned off. You usually put these reading lights on either side of your bed. The bedroom reading lights can be put on top of your side tables or they can be fixed to your bedroom wall. The lighting quality can affect your mood when reading your favorite books before bed. This is why you need to be careful when picking your bedroom reading lights. Here are some tips that might help you with choosing the right bedroom reading lights to you.

Choosing the Light Type

For bedroom reading lights, there are two types you can pick for your bedroom. The options are table lamps and mounted lights. With table lamps, you can have more flexibility with your decorations since you can move them around a little bit. On the other side, mounted lamps won’t allow you to move the light in case one day you feel like the positioning are not right.

If you have more space in your bedroom, then table lamp is the perfect bedroom reading lights for you. The side tables, on which you will place your table lamp, will fill the corners and make your room more furnished. The lamps on top will be the decorative items, not to mention its functionality that gives you the light you need when reading.

If you have smaller bedroom space, you don’t want to add side tables to your room. They will make it feel crammed. One way you can still have lights for reading in your bedroom is by installing your lights inside your wall. This will maximize your floor space and give you interesting bedroom design.   

Choosing the Light Bulb

Each kind of light bulb produces different kind of lights, so choosing the right light bulb is important. For clarity of your reading, choose ones that produce white light. Make sure the wattage is not too big. Light that is too bright can be harmful to your eyes. And if you don’t sleep alone, you might wake up someone next to you in the middle of the night if you read with a blinding light. LED is one of the best light choice out there. It produces white bright light and it is highly efficient in energy consumption. A low wattage on an LED light equals to higher wattage on other kind of lights.

Now that you know that the light type and light bulb choice is important, you can try those tips on how to pick the right bedroom reading lights.  

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