Inspiration for Bedroom wall décor

It is never too late to look for a bedroom wall décor. Wall is free space in your room which can give some touch of elegance. It’s like a canvas that is too vain to keep cleanly plain. Therefore, either you want to start to decorate your bedroom wall from the start or change its decoration in order to get some new nuance and spirit, here you can check some inspiration for bedroom wall décor.


It’s the most classic and instant technique in decorating a room’s wall. However, it never gets too old-fashioned up until now. In fact, the wallpaper these days has a lot of variety of choice. From the simple ones to cover all the rooms to some that shaped like flowers, Eiffel towers, cars, even characters from Disney movie, and still many more. Some wallpaper are even designed to glow in the dark. Thus, utilizing any kinds of wallpaper has not been out of the option in bedroom décor. 


For you who are excellent in painting, you can always make the plain wall as your canvas. The painting itself should suit the overall theme of your bedroom. As for the inspiration, nowadays there is such trend like glowing-mural, when you use combine regular paint with special paint that will glow in the dark. It does give such a dreamy and magical touch to your bedroom.

Frames of Quotes and Pictures

In some side of the free walls, you can hang some cute frames. Not only the frames with your photos, but also frames with inspiring quotes or frames with unique pictures, like scenery or beautiful photograph from internet or books. All in all, the choice of things in the frame will depend on your taste of art wholly. So does, the arrangement layout in the wall.

Wall Lamp

There are some lamps which are cutely designed to be attached in the walls. Its function is of course not to give main lighting to your bedroom, but simply to for decoration. The shapes of the wall lamp are varied as well as the color of the light that you can choose which one can accentuate your bedroom theme the best.

One does not simply want their bedroom to be comfortable, but also pretty. Thus, decorating every aspect of the bedroom, including its wall is such a must! Hope that some ideas above will inspire you to choose the bestbedroom wall décor that suits the personality statement you want to show.

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