Ideas on How to Use Gothic Bedroom Furniture

Among wide variety of interior designs which are popular in the past, Gothic style has its own fans. The style which is widely used in Victorian age emphasizes on both mystical and sophisticated look. Interior which applies gothic style usually has rich colours like maroon and purple and combined with gloomy lighting. Furniture designed in gothic style usually comes in heavy look and use dark wood as the material. These kinds of furniture with strengthen the dramatic look of a room. Although it is quite uncommon, you can use this style for bedroom form different look. Gothic bedroom furniture can turn you private area into charming look if you know how to work with it.

    Gothic style cannot be separated from its drama and elegance. To create the dramatic look in the bedroom, you can choose to use black as the dominant colour in this room. It is fine too almost applied this colour in all parts of the bedroom. However, you have to know how to make this colour look different from boredom. For entire black bedroom, you have to include rich of texture and furniture with ornaments. For instance, you can apply wallpaper with brighter black shade combined with big pattern to cover the bedroom wall. Then, place ornate bed such as wooden bed with carvings in the room. For more dramatic look, you can include little bit of Victorian style into the furniture. Beside table in black colour which has small gold colour on its grips and lamp with gold lampshade above it can work well with the main black colour. You also can turn the main black colour in the room to be more classical by combining it with white colour. For example, if you keep all the parts in the bedroom with black shade, then give white touches such as for the ceiling, bed, lamps, and chairs.

Although gothic bedroom furniture is identical with something made from wooden material, but furniture which is made from wrought iron also work well with this style. To achieve older yet interesting look in the bedroom, you can use four-posts-bed made from wrought iron with ornaments on its top. This will suit white cushy bedding. To provide extra sitting place in the room, you can place chairs with wrought iron chassis.  Stone wall which is decorated with small mirrors and candle as source of low dim in the bedroom support the combination to the use of furniture with gothic style.

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