How to Design a Small Bedroom Nicely to Make It Look Bigger

There are easy way on how to design a small bedroom to make it look bigger. Small bedrooms commonly meet with these issues, the storage option and clutter. These main issues just make your small bedroom look smaller as it creates crowded sensation in your bedroom.

How to Create Small Bedroom Designs

Before you start to design your bedroom, please keep in your mind with this consideration below.

·                     Light color will enhance your space feeling, meanwhile the darker hues color are tending to close in. with this consideration, lighten up your furniture and walls when you have small bedroom.

·                     Use always space saving furniture as your storage option is an important issues. You can choose under bed storage containers for adding more space up.

·                     Use mirror to visually expand to the room.

·                     Create boundaries in your bedroom. Make custom cubbies to frame your bed that create headboard as reverse style. The mix between open and closed storage makes you able to display your collection and stash the rest.

As you explore your space more, there are more creative ways for design your small bedroom. Here are some ideas for decor your small bedroom to make it spacious feeling.

Decorating Ideas

Once you determine how you design your bedroom, it is time to decorate your small bedroom. Adding vibrant pattern such as red pattern in the bed and curtain will make the bare floor stands more. As it is stated previously, as space become main matters in small bedroom, the space saving tricks such as use peninsula style desk that offer effective space use. Next matter in small bedroom is, it is too small that make our view narrow. You can now create open and airy sense with larger space with creamy palette to room. Add some contrast focal in bedspread or curtain, put a little touch one.

You are also able to create larger feeling with bold color statement.  The coordinated black and white patterns with large mirror add feeling of more energy and space. Adding warm accent wall by architectural interest and texture your attic bedroom can create visually large. The accent wall will pulls eye through the room in small space.  When your space too tight, you can install floating shelf and use to increase the bedside square footage. Your double duty pieces such as half wall accent with frame cubic can use as headboard. The rectangular recess in the wall bedside can be place for book and other collection. These simple tips can offer you more inspiration to how to design a small bedroom.

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