How to Create Paris Decor for Girls Bedroom

There is no other designs inspiration such as paris decor for girls bedroom that makes chic and gorgeous bedroom. Paris is known as “City of Light” that associated with romance, femininity and glamour. If you want to décor your girl bedroom into Parisian décor, this should be in your list.  The last but not least is add the Parisian accent such as hanging curtains, flower in bedroom, accent pillow with paris theme, hang chandelier, and many more.

What need to consider

First is chose the basic. Most of Paris décor use pastel paint color to paint the wall. The Parisian room style key is to contrast the lighter color with black. Therefore, the optional lighter wall color is contrasting with dark furniture and accent items. When you choose dark wall, add colorful bedding to prevent small, dark and dreary atmosphere. Second add wall decals.  Choose iconic Parisian theme such as Eiffel tower, French café scene, or many others. Third is lay down your rug. The floral rug can add the romantic sensation for your Parisian style room. Next is chose your Paris furniture. The upholstered headboard can give romantic and girly, while he wrought iron bed will chic and delicate to install. Your wrought iron side table can give mimic to Parisian café scene. Do not forget to add vanity as it tied in Parisian room theme perfectly.

Ideas for paris decor for girls bedroom

When you are looking for any inspiration for paris décor, you can consider for this several ideas. First is elegance color mix and match ideas.  The striped blue and green in wall play decorate accent in this girl bedroom. The pink bedding with lots of pillow and pink canopy décor the bed and traditional arm chair in light green fabric fits to the aspects in the room.

Next is simple inspiration for your calm and nice girl. Still with decorated wall with vertical striped white and pink line. The wall is décor with whimsical mural that feature with opening window straight to Eiffel Tower. Next is Vogue chic Parisian style. It is inspired from Paris hotel with pale pink wall. The black and white bedding contrast to against with soft and curved furniture.  The simple chandelier with crystal accent hung in ceiling to give antique look. Next is the Parisian décor with all white wall paint and Eiffel tower poster and mural in wall and drawer. The large pink suitcase that use for storage and bedside is other inspiration for paris decor for girls bedroom.

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