How to Create a Soundproof Bedroom Door

As the bedroom is mostly our most private area, some people will be crazy for more privacy by installing a soundproof bedroom door. This is a normal thing especially that a door can reveal most of the bedroom’s secret to the ones outside. The door is capable to let sounds easily penetrated, as it has gaps along its sides that actually lead the biggest sound to leak. This article will guide you to create a guard your bedroom door from letting any sound going in and out! In this realm, you may need professional to help you soundproofing the bedroom door.

Installing Sound Absorbing Foam

To absorb most sound, you can install thick absorbing foam as large as the size of your bedroom door. First of all, you can cut the fine size of absorbing foam which is enabled to cover the bedroom door. After that, put the washers around the heads of the screws to make sure that it will stay on top of the absorbing foam. If you don’t want to use absorbing foam, you can change it with ¾ inch medium density fiberboard. The installation itself doesn’t have much difference from the absorbing foam.

Use Removable Door Gaskets

The use of door gaskets is to block any parts of your bedroom door which allow sounds to enter. The door gasket is most likely to be installed to seal the gap between the door and the door frame along the top and the sides. Choose the materials such as high quality anodized aluminum and neoprene to make sure the door gasket’s seal stay flexible through regular usage.

Automatic Door Bottom

For maximum soundproof bedroom door, you can make a door bottom as addition. It will give more benefit to block any infiltration that commonly goes through the gap under doors. The automatic door bottom using a neoprene can be mounted with the bottom of the door. It will seal the bottom gap whenever the door closes and automatically raise when it opens.

Those are some tips which you can try to give your room more protection from any eavesdropping. Even if you don’t have anything to hide, those tips will help you to get a more quiet and peaceful bedroom where no noise leak from outside the room. Whatever your reasons are, those steps to soundproof your bedroom are simple and easy to install and dismantle whenever. Thus, those ideas to make a soundproof bedroom door are very convenient particularly for you who live in a rented house or apartment.

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