How to Choose Right Bedroom Window Curtains

Bedroom window curtains are offered in various materials and designs. Window curtain is one of elements in your bedroom that you must consider. Some bedrooms are made with large window and it means this window needs special window treatment. Window curtain is available in some stores and you can choose one that is fit with what you want. Before you choose your window curtain for your bedroom, it is better for you to read some information that helps you to choose and pick right curtain for your bedroom.

Questions to Ask

In order to find right bedroom window curtains, you need to ask some questions. It helps you to choose or pick right curtain in short time for your bedroom. What are some questions that you must ask then?

  • You need to ask whether you need direct sunlight in your bedroom or not. If your bedroom gets lots of direct sunlight, you need special window curtain that can block the sunlight in the day so you can sleep well in the day too.
  • You need to ask the space in your bedroom. If you have large bedroom then you need to choose curtain with divider to make it looks smaller. You need to choose right pattern and materials for the curtain so your room will not look too large.
  • You need to ask the theme in your bedroom. Sometime you don’t choose right curtain because it is so different with the main theme in your bedroom. You need to relate between all furniture items and the window curtain too so you can create harmony in your bedroom.
  • You need to consider color in your window curtain. You can choose contrast color with other furniture or elements in your bedroom or you can choose the similar color.

Thickness of Curtain

The other thing that you must consider when you are looking for right curtain for your bedroom is checking the thickness of the curtain. Today curtain is made with different thickness and different materials too. It will depend on your taste and of course your budget. You can choose your own thickness level based on some questions above. You can try to install the specific color first and check whether it adds aesthetic in your room or it makes your room looks terrible.

You can consult to the interior designer too to help you in choosing right curtain type and pattern. You need to consider some other accessories for your window too. Now, it is time to start finding right bedroom window curtains.

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