Get Your Own Chic Ikea Bedroom Vanity

Ikea bedroom vanity is a must-have item for your fancy bedroom. When you need to store your make up and cosmetic tools, you shouldn’t just think about arrange it in order, but in the chic style. Here you can always find the chic vanity from varied options of Ikea dressing tables.

The Features of the Ikea Bedroom Vanity

Ikea bedroom vanity aims to make your styling zone fancy with everything you need is in reach. The most awesome thing about it is that you can also purchase the custom vanity which you design by yourself. You can also in liberty to have consultation with the Ikea to make your own custom vanity. Here are some main features which you should think about before purchasing Ikea bedroom vanity.

1.     The Storage

You can choose the storage to keep your make up tools organized. Here you can pick either to hide them away from dust in the drawers or in the kind of mysterious boxes for the dressing table top. It’s not impossible as well if you choose the mixed design with drawers and boxes altogether. It very depends on how many stuffs you have to store and of course the style you are more convenient.

2.     The Mirror

In Ikea, you can choose whether to have the built-in mirror or get an additional vanity mirror which suits your personal taste. The built-in mirror may give wider range, but the vanity mirror can also be handier.

3.     The Bench

Ikea usually offers you whether you want to get the matching bench for your vanity or not. You can always find the one in set with bench or just find the separate bench.

Tips on Selecting the Bedroom Vanity

·         Set a budget! As mentioned before, Ikea has a lot of bedroom vanity in all range of price and even offers consultation for custom vanity. Hence, you should first set a budget before going to purchase one.

·         Considering the Space. The size of your vanity should be proportionate with the size of your overall bedroom. It should not be too big it leave no room to move, or too small it doesn’t pop up the style of your bedroom.

·         Blend with Theme. Make sure the vanity supports the overall style of your bedroom theme. This is helping to get harmonious feel for your bedroom. No matter the theme you have for your bedroom, you will surely find one of the Ikea bedroom vanity which suits it!

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