Finding Your Antique Bedroom Furniture

Decorating with antique bedroom furniture will never just like old-school stuff. In fact, the antique furniture will bring up the theme of vintage bedroom in the richer and more luxurious realm. However, it kind of a little bit tricky to find the right antique furniture for your bedroom. If you pick the wrong stuffs, not only your bedroom will look dusty and creepy, the furniture will also be not durable enough to look stylish. By the case, you should follow these tips to identify antique furniture so you get the best stylish ones.

Researching and Identifying

The first rule before you go antique bedroom furniture hunting is doing a thorough research. You should prepare yourself to be knowledgeable about antique furniture.

–       First, you should know the value of the antique furniture which you purchase. You can define the price by valuing its history, its rarity, and of course its condition. Especially, for the bed, as it’s the focal point of a bedroom, you should put its condition first before the other values as it’s related to your safety.

–       The next one, you can have a consultation with the expert. They have the trained eyes which will find the undervalued stuff better than a novice. Their opinion will help you a lot.

–       Last but not least, considering its practical matters. Check the weight and size of the antique furniture you will purchase so you can find the sellers which can send it with lower cost.

Tips to Identify the Antique Bedroom Furniture

After having yourself fully-prepared with knowledge about antique furniture, now it’s time to look for ones to complete your bedroom style. Here are the simple tips!

1.     Check the signature of label from its furniture maker.

2.     Ensure that the piece of the furniture is in proportion. The disproportionate one may be the ‘marriage’ or the combination of two sections which originally didn’t come from the same piece.

3.     Check the construction of the furniture as its era.

a.     The late 1600s: the handmade pegs or dowels apprehended the mortise-and-tenon joints in cooperation. They were somewhat raised over the joints.

b.    The 1700s: the dovetailed joints used glue.

c.     The 1860s: the start of machine use which developed Knapp joint.

d.    The late 1800s: the joint dovetail made by machine was completely perfected replacing the Knapp joint. That is a little sharing knowledge for the antique furniture hunters. Hope you find the perfect antique bedroom furniture to get the luxurious Victorian style.

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