Feng Shui Bedroom Colors Meaning and How to Choose It

Bedroom is a place where you are able to relax and get calm sensation for your rest and sleeping. Knowing feng shui bedroom colors will help you to determine which color that is suitable to be applied to the bedroom based on feng shui. Feng shui itself is the ancient tradition of Chinese in depending the all aspects and element in your life including the bedroom color. It will help you to find the color that is suitable for the bedroom and get good health and life effect from it.

Colors will affect your spiritual energy depends on Feng Shui , therefore you have to choose the right colors for bedroom and get the positive energy from it. Here is the meaning of color and how to choose feng shui bedroom colors for you.

Personal Feng shui colors

Every people have their own color that will affect their energy. The best color for couple is pink color because it represents love and relationship, there are a lot of different types of pink color and the best one is light pink color to be applied to the bedroom for couple in order to build romantic situation of the room.

Besides that, there is blue color that is suitable for calm mind and relaxation. The type of blue color here is light blue color, even this is best for calming ambiance and relaxation but it will not appropriate for couple in hard communication. For mental and spiritual healing, light purple is the best color to choose.

Those colors above are little from many colors. You need to know your personal color that is decided based on personal feng shui birth elements in order to find the personal color of yours depend on feng shui.

Choose Feng shui bedroom colors Know, how do you know that the bedroom color is right based on feng shui philosophy? There is three ways in choosing the bedroom colors based on feng shui. The first is defining the home Bagua or energy map in your bedroom. Based on the home Bagua, you need to apply certain color in certain place.

Then, the second way knows your personal feng shui color, find out which color that is best for you to be applied in your bedroom color based on the personal feng shui birth elements. And the last step in choosing the best color for your bedroom based on feng shui is by choosing the tone color for feng shui bedroom colors.

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