Disney Bedroom Furniture Inspiration for Your Kids

What is the first thing that crossed your mind after hearing Disney bedroom furniture? For those who grew up watching and admiring Disney movies, you might be thinking instantly about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Aladin, and many more. As our kids grow up and become a Disney fan, we often get request from them to change their room into their imagination; a Disney theme. It is sure a fun way to have your idol painting all over your room. But as a parent, you need to consider what kind of decoration should be put kin their room. Kids’ imagination sometimes are wilder then us adult. They might think that building a castle or a huge tree on their room is easy. Of course it is not impossible; we only need some creativity and also, budget.

For those parents who are creative enough, they might only use creativity with fewer budgets. Using a card box or plastic box to make a drawer with Donald duck painted on it will be an easy job for them. Some also brave enough to paint their kids’ wall similar to what their kids’ want. In other hand, not all parents all creative and also have much spare time. Some choose to call a professional and ask them to do what parents and their kids’ want. And the rest choose to buy furniture from the local shops.

Things that Should be Considered at Your Kids’ Disney Bedroom

If we talk about furniture which is appropriate for our kids, as parents, we must have thought about something useful. A lot of Disney furniture is available in both mainstream and online store. But we need to consider wisely, most important part based on our kids’ age.

If your kids are considered toddler but already have heart to Disney, you can put some simple Disney furniture such as a bed cover with her/his favorite character on it or buy some Disney character dolls and put it near he/she sleep. If your kids already in their pre-school or kindergarten, then you may move to another step of decoration such as painting the wall with their favorite character or try to decorate his/her room by changing their lamp or desk into Disney character, in this case you can simply buy those furniture at shops or if you are brave enough, paint the Disney character manually on the lamp or desk. The rest is if your kids are already in their school age or in other hand are able to write and read words. For kids who are in this age, parents can move to another step such as adding a huge Disney ornament into their bedroom such as a small fake castle or a poster with their favorite character on it.

Ideas to Decorate Your Disney Kids’ Bedroom

If we talk about Disney, that might be many things that popped up on your mind. You can go to mainstream ideas until anti-mainstream ones. If your kids request so many things to be put on their bedroom, you can actually make it. Mixing some characters from different stories and put it in their room might be a great idea to make your kids not get bored easily in their room. The advantage of doing this mixing is your kids will have a needed to remember different characters and also different stories. You can put Aladin lamp and paint her/his wall with Donald Duck and add small rug with Mickey Mouse on it.

Another idea is adding some quotations from the stories, yes; we do not need to only put character on our kids’ furniture but also adding great life lessons or motivational quotations to their room. If your kids are already able to write, you can ask them to write their favorite quotations from Disney movies. Just simply put you and your kids’ work at the wall and voila! Disney bedroom furniture with great creativity on it are ready for your beloved kids.

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