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Bedroom closet ideas have spread anywhere. This is because it is considered as a crucial point on the bedroom. No matter how small your room is, a closet is definitely not one thing that you can eliminate easily. This is because it has a great function in it. You would obviously need a closet to save all of your clothes, and it would be weird if you just let your clothe scattered around your bedroom. It is untidy and dirty. To save all of your clothes in a safe place from the dust, you would need a great closet for sure. Because of that, now we would discuss about bedroom closet ideas.

The Original Closet Design

Most people are still using the original closet design as a cabinet in your bedroom. It is still everyone’s favorite because this is what people usually use. Through this design, you can save your clothes and keep it far from the dust. The design usually has many types. It ranges from the simple one door closet up to the one with many doors. Usually it has two options of cabinet design. The first one is the cabinet especially used to save a folded clothes and the second one is the cabinet to keep the clothes with hanger. It is simply just like any other cabinets. What makes it different is the design and style from the closet.

You can go with contemporary or classic style easily by playing with the design of the closet. So many stores out there sell closet with many designs. You can easily get one or even style it by yourself.

The Walk in Closet Ideas The newest style of closet is walk in closet. Here you do not need to purchase a closet, but you just need to get a room for a cabinet. This would obviously take space. You need to prepare extra space for the closet. Usually this kind of closet is still on the same room with the bedroom to make it easier for you to pick and wear a cloth without having to get out from the bedroom.

Usually the walk in closet would have a different door because the clothes inside need to be always clean and neat. If you do not place a door between the walk in closet and bedroom, your clothes would only become dusty. Both options are the simplest bedroom closet ideas.

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