Care and Maintenance Tips for Seagrass Bedroom Furniture

Many people might assume that seagrass bedroom furniture is a set of bedroom furniture made of alage or seaweed. That’s not the only case as the seagrass is different with algae or seaweed. Meanwhile, the materials can easily be found in tropic beach resort, houses, offices and many others. The material to make seagrass furniture can be easily found in tropical countries. If they are woven right, they can be transformed into durable, beautiful, unique and comfortable furniture sets especially for your bedroom. this materials have been favorites among customers in the United Kingdom or even United Stated as the material is environmental friendly. just like other natural furniture material, seagrass furniture is also durable and strong. Its natural green color is pleasant your eyes as well as easy to be blended with any home décor. Besides that, seagrass furniture can also be mixed with modern or even classic style. you can even feel the atmosphere of tropical breeze by placing this kind of furniture in your patio or other places in your house.

When it comes to care and maintenance, most seagrass furniture is also expedient. The material is stain resistant. However when there is liquid spill on it, you have to clean it immediately. It’s all because spills can trigger the formation of mold. If it happens, the furniture will damage permanently. Hence, frequent cleaning is needed at least once a month. You can clean the stains with damp cloth or sponge and allow it to completely dry.

Keep the furniture indoor

in spite of being a sea plant, seagrass cannot actually tolerate to rain and heavy moisture. That’s why you must keep it indoor. In case you plan to place it outside, make sure to protect them rough weather and rain. To remove the dirt, consider using a vacuum cleaner instead of a duster. Prolonged exposure toward direct sunlight can also fade the seagrass furniture color. That’s why keep the furniture indoor is extremely needed.

Painting the seagrass furniture

When it comes to paint the furniture made of seagrass, first of all, you will need to decide the desifn by using a stencil in order to sketch out the pattern on. Consider using water-based paint to achieve your design. keep in mind to always use paper when it comes to cover the furniture areas in part you do not want to paint. Allow the paint to completely dry overnight and your painting job on seagrass bedroom furniture is completely done.

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