Bohemian Bedroom Designs

For you who love rustic, unique, and chic, then Bohemian Bedroom Designs will meet your expectation of a dream bedroom you want. Well, it is not only that because this style of bedroom also provides for people who like art and apply colorful ideas for their bedroom. Since bedroom is a private and personal room, you have to make it to be yourself and make it to be more comfortable to be stayed. Usually people will feel comfortable when the bedroom reflect their personal touch.

Bohemian bedroom design is a brave design and will go for you who love dark or light bedroom scene and color. It is a total mixing ideas and will challenge you to get the most art and unique bedroom. But, if you do not have idea, you may use the ideas below as reference to make the Bohemian design for your bedroom.

Mix detail and pattern

As it has mentioned before that the bohemian is a brave design. You may play with pattern and detail in one place. For example you may apply pattern for the wallpaper and combine it with detail for the blanket, sheets, and also the curtain. Choose ethnic pattern and design with different color to make the theme stronger. You also may add some hanging item on the wall and wooden wardrobe with detail on it and on the hardware as well.

Colorful bedroom and pattern

If you like to apply colorful theme for your bedroom then this idea may match with your bohemian design. Choose the light color for light scene of the bedroom and choose the dark color for the dark scene of the bedroom. Both light and dark color, each has several different colors you may choose. If you like, you may put lot of pillows with different color to the bedroom, or have different color for the wall, bedding, floor, and the furniture. Combine it with unique pattern will complete the design.

More display and accent

Then, for you who love to make display and love accent, you may choose unique accent such as for the bench and the drawer.

Choose light color for the wall with some hanging display on it, and then apply fur carpet or rug for the flooring with different color with the wall theme color. Unique wooden bookshelf on the wall is also the best option to be applied.

Those are some ideas as references to be applied for your Bohemian bedroom design. 

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