Bedroom Interior Design for Some Themes

Bedroom interior design – Bedroom is the one of important rooms at your house. This room must be build because it will be your private room during stay at that house. Bedroom has a lot of functions; it can be the room to work, study, play, relax, take a rest, also sleep. No wonder that people equip their bedroom with some electronic devices or desk as the room facilitate. Yet, design or decorate the bedroom is not an easy thing. If you need ideas or reference in design your bedroom, there are some kinds of bedroom interior design that can be applied to yours.

Vintage Bedroom Interior Design

Vintage became popular in last recent years. Most people have designed and decorated their bedroom use this style. They see something unique behind the vintage look and it cannot be seen from other styles. In fact, vintage tends to use the soft or pastel colors. For example, lavender and mint are the vintage colors that can make your bedroom looks fresh but calm. Besides, you also can apply furniture with flowery pattern to increase the vintage appearance.

Install the white bed and curtain to make your bedroom more perfect. Rug and sofa can be added in your vintage bedroom, but make sure you choose those things that also have vintage theme. You can use only one color to be applied but it will be good if you want to combine 2 or 3 colors there.

Bedroom Interior Design for Teenage Girl Do you have a daughter that is already a teenager? If yes you do, this is the time for you to think about her bedroom interior design. It will be impossible if you install the mini bed with a barbie house inside her bedroom. You have to be more creative in design her bedroom. As a teenager, her emotion and hobbies will be different from her childhood. You can discuss with her about her teenager bedroom. If you feel it is hard to be discussed, you can try some ideas from here. Pink color can be applied in her room to apply her girl side. This color is also cute and very feminine.

If your daughter doesn’t like pink, you can apply purple, yellow, even blue wall paint color. Change the bed size also; it is important because she will start to invite her girl friends to sleep together or just chit chatting inside her bedroom. So, it can be said that bedroom interior design can influence the owner of that bedroom.

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