Bedroom Ideas with French Touch

King size bed with drawers will be very suitable and proper to be placed at the space with generously wide size. It is very wasting space if you just have medium size of bedroom because you will not be able to put the other furniture and accessories in the room, unless you just want to place a bed in the bedroom. French touch will bring the elegant and regal looks on your bedroom. And it feels so right to be applied on the bedroom with king size. We are not going to talk about contemporary style or mid-century modern style. We are going to talk about bedroom with French style in vintage and classic look. Bed with king size is just right to be the starting point after all.

Elegant lines of beautiful French bed

French style for the interior design or decoration is described by the elegant lines. It has very smooth and tender curves. You almost will not see any pointy edge in every piece of furniture which is adapted French style. And if you want the super elegant vintage style, you can take a look on this one. It is very possible to put the drawers or storage beneath the bed. Even you can use very smooth fabric for the accent on the bottom part of king size bed with drawers.

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Plain white is the most suitable color for this style. It will not only show the pure elegancies but also show you that sometimes minimal color pallet can lead to total elegancy.

Soft color selections with wooden furniture

If you do not like plain white that take over the room, you can try with soft color such as peach or perhaps soft pink or soft orange as well. You can pick certain geometric pattern in order to give “color” in the bedroom. It can be applied for kid’s bedroom. It also does not matter if kid’s room has extra big bed though. Other than that, French style always relies on the furniture with real wood even though the finishing can be solid paint or just soft coating for wood with beautiful pattern like teak, oak, and many more. It is also important to put a mirror in one side of the wall in the bedroom.

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The mirror will be better in French style as well. The mirror frame can be something with metal or just using metal color for the finishing. But it is still recommended to use solid color for king size bed with drawers.

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