Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

Teen girl bedroom ideas can be easily found on many different sources. They are on the internet, magazines, and TV programs that shows various kinds of teen girl bedroom ideas. The two most popular designs for bedrooms nowadays are the industrial and all white. Industrial design is a huge hit lately. Its rustic vibe, which is usually combined with edgy and trendy decorative items, gives cozy and cool atmosphere to the room. Meanwhile, the all white design is a raising trend among celebrities and fashionistas’ interior design.

Celebrities, celebrity stylists, fashion designers, and famous fashion bloggers are implementing this style to their property. This article will discuss about how to apply those two styles to a teenage girl’s bedroom decor.

Edgy Industrial Bedroom

Teenage girls who are always keeping their style up to date must know about this industrial trend. Young celebrity bloggers are spotted to have their interior designer decorated their room with this design style. Fortunately, achieving that rustic industrial look in your room can be easy and affordable.

The most common colors used in this style are plain solid grayish color. Since it doesn’t involve creating textures or patterns on your wall, you can paint it yourself with your favorite shade of grey. But it is important for you to make sure that the paint job is done evenly and properly. This will allow you to save more money by not hiring professionals to do the painting.

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Combine those grey walls with wood flooring. The contrast will have interesting effect to your room. You can substitute the wooden floor with wooden patterned vinyl to create that wood flooring illusion. Add studio standing lamps to one corner of your room to accentuate the industrial feelings. Choose furniture with black or chrome colored metal material. Add golden small decoration items like cushions or an art piece you can put on top of your table and let it pop among those grey and neutral colors.  

Sophisticated All White Bedroom

I think the name speaks for itself, all white means you put the color white to every main elements of your room. Walls, bed, chairs, frame, curtains, wardrobe, and rug are all white. You need to be careful to choose the white color. Wrong white color can cause your room to look boring instead of classy and elegant. Combine different white colors too, for example if you have ultra white walls, pick ivory for your rug.

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You can add some greens by putting small plant in a pot and place it on your coffee table or on your shelf. Decorate your room with you and your loved ones’ photos to add personality to your room. Dark wood colors like ebony can also be added to your decoration elements since they will work well with your all white furniture.

Either edgy or elegant, you choose one you think will fit your personality best. If you’re not sure about doing all the work yourself, don’t hesitate to consult a professional. And those are the two styles you can try as your inspiration of your teen girl bedroom ideas.

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